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Zoom will be on FLASH Season 2! But who is he?

Zoom Vs Flash

During season 1 of Flash, our hero was stalked by the mysterious Reverse-Flash. In fact, it seemed the Reverse-Flash had been trying to kill him since he was a child. After several encounters, the two had what seemed to be their final confrontation. But during SDCC 2015, it was revealed that the character Zoom will appear in season 2, a similarly garbed villain who’s actually “faster than the Flash.” But who is he? What’s the story behind his comic book counterpart?

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Modern comics are more like 90s comics than ever before


For the past 15 years or so, both Marvel and DC have been shaping their universes to return the “iconic” version of all their characters. Hal Jordan returned as Green Lantern. The core X-Men team was reformed. Barry Allen came back from the dead.

That wasn’t always the case. In the 90s, weird stuff was allowed to happen on the regular, and the status-quo routinely got far off the beaten path.

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