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“The Touch” by Transformers rockers The Cybertronic Spree

We’ve featured The Cybertronic Spree on here before for one of their original songs. Here they return to the most iconic of Transformers songs (outside of the actual theme) with a fun rendition of “The Touch,” which was originally performed by 80s anthem superstar Stan Bush. Released ahead of their second anniversary show, the video shows the band in their element: some kind of weird shiny room where they’re free to ham it up for the camera.

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Deceptifunk: The Transformers song you need to hear


The Transformers cover band The Cybertronic Spree are known for performing the entire soundtrack to the 1986 animated film, The Transformers: The Movie as characters from the film. It’s a sight to behold. Their YouTube videos offer but a small glimpse of what their live act is all about (unfortunately these videos don’t capture their banter and zany antics as well as we’d like – but this fantastic food column about them does).

But now, in addition to offering covers of classic hair-metal 80s jams, the group has released its first original composition alongside a video that for once doesn’t feature live-action footage of a performance.

“Deceptifunk,” if the video is to be believed, was written by Decepticons Soundwave and Rumble (who happen to be members of the band and have seemingly no problem working with Autobots, Spike the human, a Quintesson, and Unicron). And it’s as deceptively catchy as the video is hilarious.

So it’s a song about Soundwave, by Soundwave, and in checking with G1 Transformers lore, the lyrics totally check out as legit. Enjoy!

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