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Transformers toy review: Combiner Wars Megatron


I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.

For people of a certain age and disposition, the above line will instantly ring with Frank Welker’s menacing rasp from the 1980s Transformers cartoon.

While the franchise’s big bad guy has had dozens of toys representing him over the years, none of them perfectly recreated the original silver centurion we know and love in the cartoon and comic books. This changes with 2015’s Leader Class Megatron.

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Transformers toy review: Combiner Wars Stunticons


The Stunticons. Left to right: Drag Strip, Dead End, Motormaster, Breakdown, Offroad.

The Stunticons are what you might get if you infused the cars from The Fast and the Furious with the personalities of the cast of Entourage. Impulsive and violent, the team consists of Drag Strip, Dead End, Breakdown and Offroad, led by Motormaster, a big truck with a purple face who sometimes plays dangerous games of Road Chicken with Optimus Prime.

The four Deluxe-sized team members are all constructed in more or less the same way, since they can form any arm or leg or any Combiner Wars giant. Everyone is extremely possible, and their car-to-robot transformations are mostly easy to understand. Flip out the arms, extend the legs, and pop open the hood to show an impressively sculpted head.

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Transformers toy review: Combiner Wars Aerialbots


The first two waves of Combiner Wars figures tap into an important part of The Transformers history. In the beginning, the heroic Autobots were the cars who turned into robots, and the evil Decepticons had a small army of jets.

The two factions flipped the convention with these combiner teams. The Aerialbots are sky-high good guys, and the Stunticons are dangerous street racers. They’re also some of the most well-known combiner teams, merging to form Superion and Menasor, respectively.

First released in 1985, they’ve now been resurrected and brought up to par with the quality of design and complexity you’d expect of a Transformers toy 30 years later.

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