Movie Stuff: Music Makes the Heart Grow Deadlier


We’ve all heard the expression that a certain musician really “killed it” at their gig, but this summer has seen its fair share of musical instruments being used as deadly weaponry.

In noir films the violin or guitar case was the obvious ruse for a gun, especially given that so few of the gangsters looked like they’d ever practiced anything other than being hooligans all their lives. Kubrick’s The Killing is a fine example of this, with the incongruous instrument being carried around by the protagonist as a form of subterfuge.


The antithesis of this type of sneakery must surely be Coma-Doof Warrior from the (sublime) film Mad Max: Fury Road. An echo to the drums, fifes and bagpipes that would traditionally lead people to war, this powerchord-playing, flame-throwing spectre is one of the film’s most delightful visual and musical elements. With the preposterous banks of speakers that would make even Spinal Tap balk, here the music is the menace. While Doof rock’s out on his giant swing, he also participates in the killing, spraying his foes with his ejaculate of flame.

It’s about as heavy metal as you can get.CAyTNXfVAAIBq3-

Meanwhile, in the latest Mission Impossible film we get a take on the oldschool instrument case method of sneaking in weaponry. The subterfuge has to be more subtle as the instruments are being checked by security, so when the assassin brings in the wind instrument it cleverly is repurposed to be a sniper’s weapon.

What’s perhaps more crazy (but not surprising) is that people have actually turned flutes into real-life guns (article here), meaning that particular mission isn’t quite as impossible as might first appear.CLVBOEWWgAAkOpL

Will we get James Bond being attacked by a trombone? Could the next Star Wars film have a creature that has saxophone reeds for claws? Who knows what murderous musicianship we have still to come!

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