From a Galaxy Far, Far Away Comes Galaxy Hoodies

galaxy hoodies

After all the great Star Wars news announced over this past weekend’s D23 expo, you might find yourself feeling the Force now more than ever, which is why the Galaxy Hoodies & Cloaks Kickstarter from LOTH Hoodies has us very excited.

While it’s true the world has absolutely no shortage of cool Star Wars-related apparel, these Galaxy Hoodies & Cloaks stand out from the officially-licensed stuff thanks to their clean lines and minimalist designs. The hoodies come in different color combinations recalling characters from the original and prequel trilogies. By far the coolest thing about them is the fact that unless you’re a Star Wars fan, you won’t recognize that they’re Star Wars hoodies. They’re simply cool-looking hoodies with giant hoods.

The cloaks, on the other hand, are very obviously of the Jedi and Sith variety, though the black and grey options could also double for your Dracula or Gandalf the Grey cosplays.

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