This Mario Kart Nursery is the Greatest Bedroom Ever


Admit it. You wish your parents loved you as much as troymcklure loves his kids. The Nintendo fan and Redditor chronicles his adventures in do-it-yourself on the geeksmithing YouTube channel, and the master arts-and-craftsman has topped his previous Yoshi’s Island efforts with a Mario Kart-themed nursery for his children.

It’s more wonderful than you can possibly imagine.

The foundation of the piece is a mural that races across all four walls, where painted versions of Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, and Luigi vie for first place on a grassy racetrack that saunters past a castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. The display also includes a Mario Kart mobile and a gaggle of Mario-themed decals and plush toys, as well as a museum wall with the retail boxes for Mario Karts one through eight.

A simple painting, however, is not enough to satisfy troymcklure. The centerpiece of the room is the fully three-dimensional Mario sculpture glued to a three-dimensional racetrack on the ceiling, where two coins dangle waiting to be collected. The custom kart has working LED lights set into the wheels and is undoubtedly the coolest nightlight that has ever existed.

Like I said, you wish your parents loved you this much.


While the pictures are fantastic, the video is well worth watching if you want to see how the project came together. After a brief tour of the room, troymcklure gets into the making-of portion of the video, and while a lot of the details have been omitted, it does reveal the materials and techniques used to bring the room to life.

The intricate craftsmanship needed to build Mario is particularly impressive. The base is made of foam coated with an Apoxie shell, while troymcklure sculpted the head with modeling clay before making a mold to produce a hollow replica that would be light enough to stay on the ceiling. The level of skill and expertise is phenomenal. Anyone looking to replicate the feat will likely have to do a fair bit of research before commencing.


The nursery cost about $1,500 (expensive but not unreasonable), but the project took more than a year and half to put together, which more or less guarantee’s that troymcklure’s kids will have the coolest bedroom anyone could ask for. At the very least, it’s likely they’ll be pretty big fans of Nintendo.

I’m just glad troycklure went with the family friendly version of Luigi. The Death Stare has been known to traumatize grown adults, and that should never be the first thing a child sees when waking up from a nightmare.

(Photos via troymcclure)


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