Prepare to Battle Dr. Wily with Official Mega Man Replica Helmet


Capcom has rolled out a list of new merchandise that will be available at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, and while a lot of the offerings are pretty standard – Ryu figurines, Mad Catz arcade sticks and whatnot – one item quite literally sits at the head of the pack. Due to overwhelming popular demand, Capcom is finally rolling out an official Mega Man replica helmet, and it looks just as cool as you always hoped it would when you were seven.

The helmet is made out of high polish ABS plastic with a padded interior and has working LED lights to give the wearer that authentic Mega Man glow. More importantly, it’s also made with a clamshell hinge that allows you to comfortably take the helmet on and off without damaging the plastic or your skull. (I would imagine that was the major design flaw that derailed earlier versions of the helm.) It’s the perfect accessory for your favorite childhood Halloween costume, arriving twenty-five years after it would have been most vital to that purpose.

Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too difficult for devoted fans to come up with other uses for the armor. The helmet will ship in a decorated box that makes it easy to display on shelves, while the rise of cosplay and conventions ensures that there are a more and more settings in which wearing a Mega Man helmet is perfectly appropriate. If anything, it’s probably formal attire. Cosplay is often a Do-It-Yourself art form so using an official replica almost feels like cheating, but when the product looks this good it’d be foolish not to at least consider the opportunity.

Then again, Capcom hasn’t told us what the helmet will cost, so it may be well beyond the price range of the casual Mega Man enthusiast. It’s also not yet available for sale. A version of the helmet will be on display at the Capcom booth at SDCC, but the item itself will be sold through the Capcom store, where fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for a “limited time pre-order opportunity.”

The rest of us will simply have to admire the helmet from afar. It may not give you an assortment of useful superpowers, but it’s a still fine piece of classic video game iconography.

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  • Oh man, I NEED this. I have a full-sized replica of the mega buster, and with this, I will finally become Mega Man.