Mr. Terrific will appear on ARROW Season 4! But who is he?

Echo Kellum Mr Terrific

It’s confirmed. Actor Echo Kellum will be appear in season 4 of Arrow as Curtis Holt AKA Mr. Terrific. He’ll be a tech-savvy ally to the character Felicity Smoak and the show’s first openly gay character.

There have been two heroes called Mr. Terrific in the universe of DC Comics. The first was Terry Sloane. The second was Michael (not Curtis) Holt. But who were they? Continue reading to find out!

Mr Terrific Terry Sloane

Terry Sloane was created by Charles Resizenstein and Hal Sharpe, and introduced in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942. Terry was a child prodigy who finished college at age 12. By the time he’s reached adulthood, he has excelled at athletics, mastered many skills, and has made himself a fortune. He’s now so bored with life that he considers suicide. But that same night, he winds up witnessing and stopping a woman’s attempted suicide. This event leads to Terry finding a new purpose in life full of challenge: being a superhero. Due to being a “man of 1000 talents,” he took the alias “Mr. Terrific.” He also printed “Fair Play” on his shirt, advertising his belief that all should be treated equally and by good moral standards.

Terry joined the Justice Society of America, history’s first superhero team, and fought a variety of menaces alongside folks such as the original Flash, Dr. Fate and the ghostly avatar of vengeance known as the Spectre. Sloane later retired and became a teacher for years. Later on, he came out of retirement to tackle an old enemy called Spirit King, but this resulted in his death. His friends quickly avenged his death and took down the villain.

Mr Terrific Michael Holt 1

In 1997, we met a new character named Michael Holt, created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, and introduced in Spectre #54. Like Sloane, Holt was a prodigy. By the time he was an adult, he was a gold winning Olympic decathlete and a self-made millionaire with 14 PhDs. But a car crash killed his pregnant wife and he blamed himself. As he contemplated suicide, he encountered the Spectre, who told him about Terry Sloane. Inspired by the Spectre’s words, Holt decided to take on the mantle of Mr. Terrific and start making a different in the inner city.

Unlike Sloane, Holt was public about his identity. As time went on, he joined the modern-day version of the Justice Society and later was elected as its chairman. He became a friend to Batman and a hero respected across the DC Universe.

Mr Terrific Michael Holt 2

DC Comics rebooted its superhero comics in 2011. The new reality, known as the New 52, introduced a similar version of Michael Holt running around as a superhero. He had an altered costume and now sported “Fair Play” tattoos on his arms rather than on a jacket. Meanwhile, Terry Sloane was reinterpreted as a superhero who eventually became one of his world’s greatest villains.

We’ll have to wait and see what role CURTIS Holt will play in the TV world of Arrow.

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