HBO’s comedy special Ferrell Takes the Field gets a trailer


Baseball is America’s greatest pastime. The sport has been played for well over a hundred years, and countless players have had their names forever enshrined in its legendary annals. Names like Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and Babe Ruth are just a few of the greats to achieve this honor. Now, another man looks to add his name to that list. That man? Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell is no stranger to sports. He’s coached a youth soccer team, done professional figure skating, played on a semi-pro basketball team, and has even raced in NASCAR. Of course, all of this was fictional; he didn’t actually do those things. Recently, however, he actually did play for an MLB team. Ten of them, to be precise.

This past March, when Major League Baseball teams annually held their spring training programs, Will Ferrell quite literally took the field. In one day, Ferrell played in five different spring training games. In each game, he played a different position, like pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers, or first base for the Arizona Diamondbacks, eventually playing every position in the game. The end result of all of this is the upcoming HBO comedy special Ferrell Takes the Field.

HBO and comedy website Funny or Die partnered with MLB to make this comedy special a reality. The really cool thing is that it was all done to raise awareness and money for organizations like Cancer for College that are dedicated to fighting cancer.

Additionally, the film is a tribute to player Bert “Campy” Campaneris. He played for the Kansas City Athletics, and on September 8th, 1965, in a game against the California Angels, played all nine positions in baseball.

But enough talk, check out the trailer below.

As you can see, what transpired on that day in March was not only historical for baseball, but historical for America. Perhaps Ferrell said it best:

“They say nothing’s more American than heading to the ballpark, grabbing a hot dog and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field. But today I learned they are wrong. Make that eight Dominicans and one guy from Irvine, California.”

You can watch Will Ferrell make American history on HBO on September 12th.

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