Anarky will appear on ARROW Season 4! But who is he?

Alexander Calvert Anarky

It has been confirmed that in Arrow season 4, our heroes will face the DC Comics villain Anarky. The masked political extremist will be played by Alexander Calvert of Nickelodeon’s The Troop.

But who is this guy? What makes him stand out from your standard costumed baddie? What’s his connection to the Batman, Mad Magazine and the terrorist hero of V for Vendetta?

Anarky DC Comics 1

Anarky was created in 1989 to be a new foe for Batman. Creator Alan Grant envisioned a well-intentioned but extreme activist who wanted to shake society’s foundations and allow average people to assume the power he felt they deserved. The character was actually a 12-year-old prodigy named Lonnie Machin and his costume, designed by artist Norm Breyfogle, was supposed to be a mix of the title character from V for Vendetta and the black spy from Spy Vs. Spy.

Anarky was introduced in Detective Comics #608, only meant to appear in one story. But his popularity meant he returned time and time again throughout the 1990s, adopting different costumes as time went on. Alan Grant used him as a voicebox for some of his own beliefs. As the character grew older, he became bolder and developed his fighting skills. Obsessed with understanding the nature of evil so he could stop it, Anarky wound up confronting the demon Etrigan and the god Darkseid. In one comic, he found evidence that he was actually the son of the Joker!

Anarky Batman 2

In the 21st century, Anarky has been reinterpreted as an older character, often with cronies serving his agenda. You can see him in video games and the recent cartoon Beware the Batman. As a political extremist who wants to tear down society’s hierarchy of power and wealth, he’s definitely just the kind of villain who would want to destroy the Arrow’s alter ego Oliver Queen.

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