Nerdy Collections: My Dragon Ball Z/GT action figures

farshotLike a bird relentlessly on the hunt for twigs to add to her nest, we nerds are constantly on the lookout for items to add to our nerdy collections.

Some of us collect video games, others comics, and some even collect hair samples of all the men to play the titular Doctor Who (I made that last one up, but you just know someone out there is doing this). Me personally? I collect Dragon Ball Z/GT action figures. Well I used to at least. What you see you in the above picture is what remains of my once glorious collection.

Read on as I interview myself about my collection.


Close-up of the left side of the collection.

Nerdy Stuff: When did you start collecting Dragon Ball Z/GT action figures?

Me: I started collecting these figures when I was about twelve years old. This was right about the time that DBZ was getting really popular. I still remember the very first figure I bought. It was at a hardware/general store a few blocks from my house, and I was looking through the toy section while my mom did other shopping. I noticed they had a couple of DBZ figures, and I begged my mom to buy me Vegeta in his Saiyan armor. She bought it for me, and then it took off from there.


You can sort of see the Vegeta I’m talking about. He’s behind the Super Saiyan Vegeta in the purple tank top.

Nerdy Stuff: Where would you get most of the figures from?

Me: I grew up in a relatively small town that didn’t really have many places to buy toys. The hardware store where I had gotten Vegeta stopped getting toys, and that meant the only other place to go was Wal-Mart. So because of this, I actually got most of my figures online. Since I was so young, I didn’t have a job or credit card, so I would do odd jobs around the house, and in exchange my mom would let me order a new figure every once in a while. I used to spend hours and hours just searching different websites for figures.

Close up of the right side.

Close up of the right side.

Nerdy Stuff: How would you decide what figure to get? Were you trying to “collect them all,” or were you just buying ones that interested you?

Me: I started off by just ordering the figures of characters I liked. I enjoyed playing with the figures, so getting ones I wanted to play with was usually the deciding factor. However, after about a year of buying figures, I noticed that I had amassed a decently large collection. Each Bandai figure I ordered would come in packaging that listed all the DBZ/GT figures that Bandai made. It was at this point that I started trying to collect every Bandai figure that I could get my hands on.

Nerdy Stuff: Did you end up collecting them all?

Me: Unfortunately, no I didn’t. If I remember correctly, there was a total of 70 something figures that Bandai made. If I had to guess, I would say that I had about 65 at the time. I can still remember that I never was able to find Super Android 17 or Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

Nerdy Stuff: Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

Me: Yes! It has to be the Golden Great Ape Baby. He was my white whale for so long. He was a rare figure and whenever I’d find him he’d be way too expensive. Then one day on my Internet searches, I happened to stumble upon a reasonably priced one and I bought it.

My favorite piece of my collection, aaaaand he's missing his tail.

My favorite piece of my collection, aaaaand he’s missing his tail.

Nerdy Stuff: Are you still collecting?

Me: No, I stopped collecting probably over a decade ago. Since then, my figures have been stored with the rest of my childhood toys at my parents’ house. This was fine and all, but my parents have family gatherings at our house a lot, and family gatherings means lots of little kids, and little kids like to play with toys. So over the years I’ve not only lost several accessories to many of my figures, but I’ve also lost many figures themselves (where are you Perfect Cell?). It’s a little disappointing, but if I really cared enough about the collection I would have been taking care of it myself. I’m glad that the kids get some enjoyment out of them, and I hope that someday when I have kids that they’ll get to play with them too.

I've always hated this Goku's face.

I’ve always hated this Goku’s face.

Nerdy Stuff: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your collection!

Me: It was my pleasure.

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  • This is one impressive collection! I have/had that same Super Saiyan Goku with the weird face, and yeah, it had always bugged me. I had a Bulma for the longest time and apparently she was worth quite a bit!