What I want in Dragon Ball Super

Z-Fighters, ASSEMBLE!

Dragon Ball Super, the new anime sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, is coming faster than you can yell “kamehameha!” Debuting this July in Japan, Super promises to deliver many of the same thrills fans of the series have come to expect. As a long-time fan of the series, I have a few things that I’d like to see in Super. So charge up your ki, and read on to find out what.

Get Rid of the Dragon Balls

Get rid of the dragon balls in a show called Dragon Ball Super? That’s crazy, right? I don’t think that it is, and here’s why: In the original Dragon Ball, and even parts of Z, the balls were these cool, mystical objects that served as a solid plot device to set our heroes off on a grand adventure. However, the balls slowly started to become detrimental to the plot. With the dragon balls existing, there is little tension in the life and death struggles of our heroes. We know that if someone dies, or if Earth gets destroyed, that someone can just collect the dragon balls and wish everything better. Of course, there are limitations to the balls’ power, but the series always seemed to find some way around them. If the show’s creative team won’t get rid of the balls, at the very least they could make it so the balls can’t act as a magical reset button.

Make the Other Z-Fighters Useful Again

How many times do we have to see Krillin, Yamcha, or Piccolo get their asses handed to them in a fight before we realize they’re just wasting time until Goku shows up to save the day? The only purpose any of the non-Saiyan fighters seemed to serve was to show how weak they were compared to whoever the new villain of the week was. I guess they’re good for a few laughs here and there, but it’s kind of sad to see some of these characters relegated to sideline duty. Piccolo, more than any of the others, has the potential to become a total badass again. He’s an alien, so it’s reasonable to assume that he hasn’t reached the pinnacle of his power. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Super Namek Piccolo (c’mon spiky green hair!).

Goku Doesn’t Always Have to Beat the Bad Guy

Goku is the hero of this universe, there’s no denying that. But with so many strong characters around him, it gets boring knowing that he will almost always be the one to win. Vegeta and Gohan seem like the obvious choices for also filling the role of nemy destroyers. Vegeta always got one-upped by Goku in the series, and it would be very satisfying to finally see Vegeta get the upper hand on an enemy that Goku couldn’t beat. Likewise, it seems like we haven’t seen the full potential of Gohan yet. Throughout Dragon Ball Z, it was always hinted at that Gohan was more powerful than Goku. But the only time we see this to be true is in the Cell Games. Super seems like the perfect opportunity to show what Gohan is truly capable of.

So what about you fine folks? What do you want to see in Super?

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  • Jerron Jorgensen

    Nice Adam, I haven’t watched DBZ since who knows when, but your points are all spot on. I got so frustrated with how inept the supporting characters like Krillin and Piccolo appeared to become. Vegeta was always my favorite, and I hated knowing that ultimately he would need to be “saved” by Goku in some form or another. They need to use their characters more wisely. Nice post, thanks for sharing! I had no idea this was going on.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jerron! Yeah man, get hyped, a new Dragon Ball series can only be a good thing! I remember Vegeta being your favorite. I don’t know if you know about it, but there have two movies in the series that came out recently. One is called Battle of Gods, and the other one is called Resurrection “F”, which just came out in theaters in Japan. The second one deals with, surprise surprise, Frieza coming back to life somehow. The interesting thing about these two movies is that they’re part of the official canon, unlike the 13 or so other DBZ movies. But yeah, take care, dude, and nice hearing from ya.