Kung Fury is here, and it’s awesome


If you’ve ever wanted to see a man fight a murderous arcade machine, you’re in luck: Kung Fury is here, and you can watch it for free RIGHT NOW. You’ll get to see the aforementioned fight play out, plus a whole lot of other over-the-top action sequences and amazingly cheesy acting.

The 80s throwback/homage surpassed its Kickstarter goal in January 2014, with production taking a little longer than its creative team Laser Unicorns anticipated. Now having seen the final product, it was well worth the wait. While it exudes 1980s kitsch appeal with every frame, this film would have been impossible without the benefit of modern visual effects technology, which is funny since a lot of work has obviously gone into making the whole thing look like an old VHS you might stumble across in a thrift store.

To call the premise of Kung Fury absurd would be an understatement. Anyone who loves Manborg, Axe Cop, and Kavinsky will find it an enjoyable way to spend a half hour. I for one am looking forward to whatever writer/director David Sandberg comes up with next.

Bonus: Here’s the video for “True Survivor” from Kung Fury, featuring the one and only David Hasselhoff:

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