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George R.R. Martin is right to think Marvel’s cinematic baddies are boring


We live in a golden age of super hero movies. What Marvel, and now DC, are doing with their cinematic universes is pretty special. The idea of taking the shared universe concept that is seen in many comic books, and applying it to film, was nothing short of brilliant. Since Marvel started this trend with Iron Man in 2008, we’ve gotten film after film ranging in quality from okay to excellent. Marvel has yet, by most accounts, to release a film that is generally considered to be bad. However, that doesn’t mean that their movies are flawless. In fact, almost all of their movies seem to have one glaring issue: the villain.

For years now I’ve been waiting for a truly great villain to show up in a Marvel film. Sadly, it just hasn’t happened yet. We either get villains with cheesy or unoriginal motivations, villains that share the same abilities as our hero, or villains that are just nameless, faceless masses of aliens and drones that pose no threat to our heroes. I was hoping Ultron would buck this trend, but I was left disappointed by him as well (Skynet anyone?) I mean, don’t get me wrong, their villains aren’t terrible, but none of them are very memorable. Out of all their villains, Loki is the probably the only compelling one. However, while he may be compelling, he just isn’t very intimidating.

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Don’t forget about Archie Comics and the rest of the funnies

Archie Comics' beloved Riverdale crew.

Archie Comics’ beloved Riverdale crew.

We’re going through another golden age of comics, haven’t you heard?

Comic books haven’t received this much attention since the ‘40s and ‘50s when cocksure psychotherapists wielded their paranoia drill and implanted warning signs for parents of heretic homosexual behaviors found within the pages of a Batman comic. The result, naturally, would be the desecration of their sons Christian souls and the emasculation of their walking testosterone bundles of joy.

Now, however, Marvel has managed to bring the conversation of comic books back to the forefront thanks to global mega successful film franchises they’ve built around characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

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New Ant-Man posters have fun with the Avengers

The scary thing is, for every one you see...

The scary thing is, for every one you see…

While we didn’t see an Ant-Man cameo in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (maybe he was there, but was too small?), that’s not stopping the mass-shifting hero from showing up in new posters with Avengers visual gags on them, complete with tongue-in-cheek slogans. Sure, he doesn’t have the powers of Captain America or Thor, or special armor like Iron Man… but will he really need all that? Or is this just a clever ploy from Marvel to convince fans of The Avengers that Ant-Man is worthy of their attention, too?

Either way, with Ant-Man scheduled to hit theaters July 17, 2015, we’ll find out soon enough.

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